PYRKIÄ Stackable Cuff

PYRKIÄ Stackable Cuff


FIT. Pyrkiä stackable cuff bracelets will fit most wrist sizes as they are fully adjustable.  Like our other bracelet designs, these are lightweight, comfortable, delicate and durable.  So go ahead and wear them every day, to work or play.  Our cuff bracelets are made of lead-free, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant stainless steel.  

CARE. To clean, wipe with a soft cloth.  Avoid contact with strong chemicals, such as detergent, bleach, perfume, hot tubs and swimming pools.  Store in a jewelry box or soft cloth.  

ANY WAY YOU STACK IT, IT'S SURE TO ADD STYLE!  This bracelet is made to look fantastic on its own, but for added style here are some additional ways to stack it with another Pyrkiä bracelet.  

IN FINNISH, PYRKIÄ MEANS "TO STRIVE". We took this definition to heart when we adopted the phrase “Strive for Progress Not Perfection” as our company motto. This motto is inscribed on the inside of every Pyrkiä bracelet. 

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