I've been making jewelry for fun since I was 15 years old.  I love all bracelets and like to stack several on my wrists at a time.  I also love rings and lots of them!  From my ring finger to knuckle rings and toe rings, I love them all!  But jewelry can be uncomfortable for someone like me -- a busy mother of four who lives an active lifestyle. Some of the things I enjoy are: CrossFit, yoga, paddleboarding, running events, hiking with my family and basically anything else that gets me moving and enjoying the outdoors!
The idea for PYRKIÄ came to me one day after taking off all my jewelry for a hot yoga class. I thought “wouldn’t it be great if I had some durable, all-activity, all-weather jewelry that didn't need to be removed for workouts?”  It started me thinking about different materials that would be lightweight, soft and comfortable enough to wear while I sleep, sweat, shower, swim, do dishes, go out...anything! For the next 8 months I designed, developed, and with the help of some amazing friends, tested and retested materials to make the softest, most comfortable and unique silicone jewelry that I have ever seen.  I introduced my line of jewelry in January 2016 and have been busy adding sizes, colors and designs ever since.  Because I love what I do, it will never be work!  
~ Karen Rowley Turley
   Designer & Owner
   Add some Comfort to your Style!
Size Guide
Find My Ring Size


Don't know your ring size?  Click the button above to figure out your proper ring size.  You can also take a picture of a ring that fits you compared to a penny (next to or on top of) and send the picture to orders@pyrkia.com and we can help you out.

NOTE: If your ring size seems like it could be one of two sizes, we recommend you choose the larger size.



To figure out what size you should purchase, take a string or ribbon and wrap it around your wrist.  Measure that string or ribbon on a ruler.  PYRKIÄ bracelets come in four different sizes. We want to make sure you have the best fit for your wrist. 

NOTE:  Even a half of an inch will make a big difference in the bracelet size you should order so please measure before ordering.


Feel free to email any questions about sizing to orders@pyrkia.com.