Passion comes in many forms.  At PYRKIÄ our passion comes in the form of jewelry.  As a young girl, our founder had a spirit for adventure and an eye for design.  Bracelets, rings, anklets, necklaces; each holding meaning and acting as a means of self-expression for Karen.  By the time she was fifteen years old, she unknowingly began her journey toward becoming a jewelry designer as she started making her own jewelry creations, experimenting with various textures, clasps, materials and colors. 

Pyrkiä is a Finnish word that means ‘to strive, endeavor”.  All of our designs are inspired by the very meaning of the word “Pyrkiä”.  Karen took her love of travel, adventure, physical progress, personal development, and desire to help others and put it in the form of jewelry.  Her many travels all over the world, including a service semester with her children in Ecuador, inspired her designs.  She wanted to share her inspirations with the world and PYRKIÄ was formed. 

Karen was seeking to create unique jewelry designed for an active lifestyle.  Something so comfortable that it’s easy to wear during any of life’s adventures.  She spent 8 months refining her formula, testing different levels of softness, experimenting with different widths and colors, perfecting the balance between comfort and durability.  This diligence resulted in the  PYRKIÄ jewelry you know and love today.  

At PYRKIÄ, we want everyone to find connection with nature and with each other.  We want to help people express themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin.  We want to encourage resilience, adventure, and self-discovery.  Most of all we want people to strive for progress. 

Enjoy the jewelry and please always feel free to share your story of progress and resilience with us!