Once upon a time, a young girl discovered her passion: to create. This desire presented itself in the form of jewelry. But jewelry wasn’t just jewelry in her eyes. Bracelets, rings, anklets, necklaces; they were all valued as personal ornaments, each holding precious meaning and acting as a visible display of self-expression. This young girl possessed a sense of individualism that most aren’t lucky enough to discover so early on. Pair this with her desire to create, and an eager sixteen-year-old had unknowingly begun her journey down a path that would later lead to her career.

Fast forward a handful of years. Love was found, and love was lost, but not before the birth of her four beautiful children. Separation is difficult, and with it this woman was struck with the realization that she had lost some of the individualism that made her so special. Questions had to be asked on the road to rediscovery. What were the things that made her, her? Don’t see this as dismal: possessing a heightened level of self-awareness such as this is not something that comes easy. Many people will never truly know themselves, who they are, or what lights their fire.

This woman’s match, she realized, was jewelry. Creating something that could help others feel that same sense of individualism she needed to feel herself, was her true passion. Her purpose. It was what lit her fire. This idea of helping others even began extending into other areas of her life: teaching abroad in Ecuador, travelling to Mexico to build houses for those in need, aiding hungry children. This was all in the company of her own kids, who by this time were a little older and able to grasp the importance of the values that their mother was instilling: appreciation, compassion, and the value of life experience.

Back to the jewelry. This woman’s niche was rings, specifically silicone. In being constantly active, she was seeking to create something that she didn’t have to take on and off. Something so comfortable she might even forget it’s there, something that was nearly a part of her. She spent 8 months refining her formula, testing different levels of softness, experimenting with different widths and colors, perfecting the balance between comfort and durability. This diligence resulted in the product you see today.

The woman’s name is Karen Rowley Turley, Designer and Owner of the brand you now recognize as Pyrkia. Karen’s purpose with her jewelry? To assist in creating bonds and authentic connections. To bring people together. To help other feels accomplished and comfortable in their own skin. And most important of all, to encourage resilience, adventure, and self-discovery.

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